Our game-like app is designed to be an easy to use 25-minute online experience. Introduced as a video to improve your awareness of Executive Function (EF), the game takes only five minutes and yet allows for a deep analysis of your thinking skills. The game results establish the baseline for improved self-management in all areas of your life. You will learn innovative ways to enhance your EF Thinking Power.

What are Executive Function (EF) skills?

Executive is an imposing word, yet it is used because the skills you will develop relate to your higher-level thinking. They are relevant to EVERYONE no matter what age, education level attained, or position in an organization.

EF skills consist of Working Memory, Impulse Control, and Cognitive Flexibility. These skills are important for reasoning, communications, and problem solving. They help you put what you know into practice. In fact, EF skills have been found to be even more important than intelligence for achievement and success. In other words, it is not so much what you know that matters, it is whether you can use your knowledge in the moment to achieve your goals.

Why should I measure executive function (EF)?

Your personal EF Score will provide a composite view of your performance strengths and challenges that includes pointers as to where Executive Function skills can be either inhibitors or enablers for personal well-being and workplace success. These pointers can be applied to specific work requirements, tasks, and skills to be learned and sustained. They also relate to obtaining the greatest value from training programs for job skills.

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