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Good to Great

- Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t
 Author: Jim Collins  Category: Business Teachers  Published: October 16, 2001  ISBN: 0712676090  Pages: 320

In his new book, Collins has chosen to research an entirely new line of inquiry. Is transformation really possible? Are there mediocre companies that have turned themselves around and achieved sustained excellence after a decade of more of ordinary performance? And what is it about these companies that can explain their success? For nearly five years, Collins and his research team undertook a massive study of every company that has made the Fortune 500 since the advent of that listing in 1965—over 1400 companies in all. The result of that research was astounding—only 11 companies had successfully turned a mediocre enterprise into a true long term champion. The surprising secrets of how they did it—and how any company can—are brilliantly unlocked in this visionary new work.

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