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The Greening of America

 Author: Charles A. Reich  Category: Provocative Authors

‘The Greening of America’ is a brief history of America that will be of interest to all readers who wonder why the United States is having such trouble responding to new realities. But it may be of particular interest to Americans who care about politics, for the issues in Reich’s book are now being played out on the national stage. On one side, Consciousness I politicians tell us that the solution to all our problems is a return to a time when men took care of their own business and government barely existed. On the other side, Consciousness II politicians argue that the federal government can best protect us from an unregulated marketplace and a shredded safety net.

And then there is ‘The Greening of America.’ Can there be a “revolution,” as Reich wrote, that starts with culture and the individual? Might it triumph without violence? Or are we doomed to struggle to avoid a soul-crushing existence in the Corporate State?

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