Book of the Week Follow Up Comment

Alex Rogo goes through a radical transformation in operations in order to succeed. The keys are reporting criteria in use. The definitions of the goals and objectives and the tracking mechanisms. Many times our measures lead us astray. This is true with all KPI’s (Key Performance Measures) and everything used in Dashboard management Tools. care must be taken in defining and describing that which we are measuring and ensuring that the data used is consistent with Industry standards. The time is now…

Book of the week – Follow Up

The Goal was written in 1984 and is somewhat of a classic on Industrial Engineering which has morphed into CQI or TQM (Continuous Quality Improvement) and then Six Sigma and various other “consultant speak.” It was one of the first practical guides that came to my attention. It is a great read. How about the rest of you. Did any of your get anything significant from it?

The time is now….