Labor Efficiency Anew

Many ask the question “how can I get technicians to be more efficient with their labor hours”. I suggest that having proper supervision is the best way to get each and every technician to be more efficient. Imagine if you will that you had one good supervisor for every eight shop technicians. (I know that many of you don’t have that many – in which case you are in what I call no man’s land. You are too small to have the proper levels of supervision and that leaves you with too little time to increase the labor sales revenues.) I want to have a supervisor in the middle of the eight technicians. I want the workstation for the supervision on the floor with the technicians. They can see the supervisor all day long as the supervisor can see them all day long.

Let me ask a simple question. Will the men be more efficient with the boss in their midst? Will they be more efficient with the boss watching them all day long? I also want the supervisor to spend at least fifteen minutes with each technician every morning and again every afternoon another fifteen minutes.

Will labor be more efficient? You bet.

The afternoon discussion will have another question. Will you finish the eight hours of labor I gave you to do today before you go home? If they say “yes” everything is good.

If they say “no” what is the first question that you ask? I thought you would say that. That is not the right answer.  More on that later. The time is now.