Marketing Missile v2.0

Branding is a critical element of Marketing. It is who you are and what the market believes you to be. A brand is an elusive element of marketing. How do you create a brand? It is the same as your culture. It is not what you want it to be it is what it is – plain and simple.

Do you remember the amazing Kreskin? He made his incredible skill of reading minds a marketable skill. He is still going strong well into his seventies. There was a recent article on him in the American Way the inflight magazine from American Airlines, my preferred airline, even in these troubled times. Back to the subject – Kreskin – he says “To those who understand there is no explanation necessary…but to those who don’t no explanation is possible. That is the same with marketing and branding.

You must have a brand. It must represent who you are and what you do. You must have marketing in order not to remain in the shadows of the market.

In today’s world of social media it is now being said that unless you are using Twitter and Facebook you lack credibility with the younger generations. The older generations have differing needs and channels. The point through all of this clutter is that your brand and your marketing have to span all generations and all motivations for your products or services.

So what is your brand image? How do you protect it? Who drives your marketing? How is it designed? These are critical questions for you to answer. The time is now.