Service Statement v1.6

Customers want certainty. They want to know the price of the job before they give you authorization to proceed. They want to know when you will be finished, a completion date before you start. They tell us this is every survey that I have seen in the capital goods industries.  If they tell us what they want why don’t we deliver it?

No guts no glory used to be the saying in place for things like this. Today I say no systems and no structures no glory.

  • You need inspections
  • You need understandable job codes
  • You need standard times
  • You need segmented work orders
  • You need good supervision

Then you can give a GUARANTEED completion date. I mean GUARANTEED. You will provide a reduction in price, a penalty, if you don’t meet your completion date. For instance you will credit the job with a day of labor for each day that you have missed the completion date. Are you ready to stand up and make a difference for your customer? Needs statements from the customer require that we deliver, not just talk. The time is now.