Top Lead Generation Tips for Equipment Dealers

Top Lead Generation Tips for Equipment Dealers

Guest writer Debbie Frakes brings a practical issue to the forefront with this week’s blog post, “Top Lead Generation Tips for Equipment Dealers.” 

Lead generation is one of the most important tasks for equipment dealers. The process of finding people to work with ultimately boils down to locating businesses who use your products or services and adding them to your sales funnel, where they can be nurtured and converted into a customer. To help you out with this process, we’ve put together some key lead generation tips for equipment dealers that will make it easier to identify and add prospects to your sales funnel. 

Use market research to understand your current customers. 

Market research should be a key part of all your dealer strategies across your entire operation. One of the most important lead generation tips we can share with you is to survey your current customers, before you search for new ones. Surveys will show you which aspects of your business are most important to your customers, what sort of turnaround times they expect and which types of media they respond to. Once you understand that information, you can refine and target your emails, ads, web pages, and sales materials to focus on what the people in your industry care about most. The more effective your marketing campaigns, the more often prospects will enter and respond to your offers to become part of your sales funnel.

Collect information on your website. 

Your website can do a lot more than just highlight the products and services you offer. One of our top lead generation tips is to make it easy for people to give you their contact information throughout your site. Place forms on multiple web pages and, if you can, offer something in return for their information, like a brochure, discount, sample, or eBook with tips and best practices relevant to their business. Also, install a web tagging program that identifies visitors to your site, so you can contact them after they start engaging with your website.

Develop content often.

When it comes to lead generation tips, one of the key dealer strategies is to create content consistently for your website. You should be regularly adding blog posts, case studies, white papers, and videos. Consistent content creation will help improve your rankings from Google searches (SEO), helping more people find and visit your website organically. Plus, high quality content will establish your dealership as the expert in the industry, the most knowledgeable resource for information, products, and services, encouraging more equipment users to seek you out. 

Add chatbots to your site. 

Placing chatbots on your website is a crucial lead generation strategy for equipment dealers. Because chatbots are available 24/7, you can use them to generate leads even while you’re sleeping! Simply set them up to match your brand personality and voice, and they will be your 24/7 digital sales representatives.

Take advantage of every lead source.

Equipment dealers have a variety of sources for potential leads. The problem is that some of them are often neglected. Your sales team should prioritize the most fruitful lead sources, but if you have the time and resources, one of the top lead generation tips is to work them all. Here are some examples of lead sources for equipment dealers: 

  • Customers that are using one part of your business, but not the others
  • Email open reports that show who is interested in what you are sending.
  • Last purchase reports that indicate how long it’s been since someone has purchased.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys that provide feedback to identify unhappy customers.

At the end of the day, the more lead sources you work, the more customers you can bring in the door and increase your sales! 

Our partner, Winsby, can help you generate more leads. 

Winsby helps equipment dealers develop and implement successful lead generation plans using proven strategies. By combining effective emails with professional, easy to use websites, email list verification, calling, and reporting, they can ensure a steady stream of new business coming in the door.

If you have any questions about these lead generation tips or want help implementing your dealer strategies for marketing, contact Winsby today.  

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