A Greek Tragedy

Well the early returns indicate that both parties that led the country back from the brink with austerity and international bailouts are being punished and that there will be no clear winner in the election today. This will cause further turmoil. Isn’t that what is needed now? Not.

We are witnessing a “New Reality” which I believe is equally significant as was the Industrial Revolution. Shifting demographics and shifting economic stories are leaving politicians in the unwelcome position of have to deal with the truth of their past sins. It is interesting that we are all being bought with our own money (albeit it borrowed) at the polling booths. The past several decades labelled as the most successful in human history have brought great successes to a much broader segment of society but it appears as if it has all been done with smoke and mirrors in an unsustainable fashion. But that is clearly above my pay grade and not within my realm of expertise. The time is now.