Content is King…Capital Goods Training

What sets you apart?

It is all too easy to recognize the similarities among service departments, parts departments, and product support salespeople.  In order to stand out amongst the crowd, your training helps you make your mark.  Your training teaches you what your work looks like when it is right.

I have been working in the capital goods industry for 45 years.  I have implemented new systems, and worked in nearly every product support position within the dealership.  With this knowledge under my belt, I have moved into the newest teaching module: the webinar.

Webinars enable students to take a course in a brief format, from the comfort of their own office or home.  By and large, webinars are becoming the preferred method for training across industries.  The trick is in finding the right program, with the right instructor.

Without any exaggeration, I can tell you that there is no one in our industry doing what we do.  There is no other place for you to learn WHAT we can teach you, in the WAY we teach it.

That is what sets us apart.

At Learning Without Scars, we don’t want you to passively receive information.

We’ve ramped up the webinar into a truly interactive, multi-media event.  Our webinars take not only my 45 years of background and knowledge, but present the material in an “internet conference.”  As a student, you will see, hear, and be able to actively participate in each webinar.

In 2015, why don’t you join us?  Set yourself apart, professionally, and start one of our series of webinars.

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The time is now…