Education Step 9

To continue the discussion on education I want to explore curricula and start from elementary school and move up to the end of high school. The last time I looked the tax payers provide the money for the school system at the state level. I am not sure that the educators have a clear grasp on what it is that is expected from them. What is the objective of the education of school age children?

Is the ultimate aim to provide employable people? If that is the case why does the curricula discussion not include employers? The ability to have electives is fine as long as the individuals pay for those electives if they are not considered core requirements of an employable individual.

Similarly why has physical education been dropped from many school systems where there is substantial research that shows physical activity enhances the ability to learn and perform academically?

What do you think on this subject? Should business get involved in developing curricula? Should pre-technical school and pre-college education provide work ready people? The time is now.