I’m Back

Well guess who is back. I have been conducting classes for the past four days and travelling for two of them so I have, unfortunately, neglected you. One of the sessions was on Customer Service and the other was on Parts Management. We start into a two day session tomorrow on Service Management.

It appears that the interest in employee development is beginning to pick up from the desperate savings that distributors were driving attempting ever since 2008 and Lehman. The bad news of these savings as noted in a previous blog is that employees see that and make note of it and when business picks up many of them will determine that the grass is greener on the other side of the hill and leave you.

The largest challenge over the foreseeable future is going to be to attract, hire and retain the talent required for the job functions in your business. And this is a very serious problem.

Automation will absorb some of the shortages but not all. Management, or better said leadership, is required to set the tone and the direction for employee development. The time is now.