Marketing Missiles v1.3

Well we have segmented the market and established territories for salesmen. And we have determined through Simon Sinek that “Why” is the key question in sales so what happens to all our conventional selling techniques?

The usual features and benefits and the call to close ratios and all rest of that ‘stuff. What about all of that you say. Well perhaps it is passe and we just don’t know it. Perhaps our customers are expecting something else altogether from us. I have written about the coming VRM – Vendor Relationship Management that is in the process of replacing CRM – Customer Relationship Management elsewhere.

VRM is about what the customer will ALLOW the vendor to know about them and how they can use it. It is like how most of us use the internet. Some have gotten wise and have an “ersatz” email address to which they ALLOW internet sites to send email. They never access the email it is just there to get the Vendor off their back. The CUSTOMER – you and I – want to be left alone to shop and disappear, we want to control the relationship not the other way around. You see the customer is starting to understand that they are the ones with the power and they are starting to learn how to use that power. Those of us who sell or are involved in marketing who don’t pay attention will be left out. This is the coming of the new world and it is all about “Service-Dominant” marketing. The time is now.