Who Is That (Not Masked) Man?! A #MondayBlogs Guest Post

For this week’s contribution to #MondayBlogs and our very own #SocratesSays, it seemed appropriate for someone other than Ron to write the post.  So, you are stuck with me, Caroline A. Slee, for this blog post this week.

At this point, I’m certain that you all know that I am Ron’s daughter.  I am also a part of Learning Without Scars, as the Director of Sales and Marketing.  Dad likes to say that I dragged him, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century.  Part of that dragging process is getting his message out.

Our industry has new faces, and even some people who have never worked with Dad before.  So, we figured we should show the “softer side” of Ron with the video I am sharing this week.  Not only will you learn more about why we do what we do, you will see all of us from “behind the scenes”: my Mom, my spouse, my children, and I.

I hope you enjoy this more personal video this week.

Remember, the time is now, as Dad would say.