Our Suggested Reading List Has Been Updated

Our Suggested Reading List Has Been Updated

This week, we are sharing some updates and general knowledge blogs from Ron Slee. First, we kick the week of information off with this post: “Our Suggested Reading List Has Been Updated.”

From the time I started my consulting business I have always been interested in helping people learn and become better at what they do. I suspect it was from my upbringing as a competitive swimmer. I learned at an early age that I was not competing with others, I was competing with myself.

Believe me when I suggest that it is much more difficult to do that than to compete with others.

When I was teaching at McGill University in Montreal, I was always recommending books and having discussions with my students. I am certain I learned as much from those discussions as my students. That was the beginning of my “book club” approach to communications and learning.

Everywhere I have worked around the world I have always recommended a book for my clients or employees or students to read. I give everyone a month to get it done. In some cases, I buy them the book. Then we sit down as a group and talk about the book. My granddaughter who is taking her master’s here at the University of Hawaii has her own book club with fellow graduate students. They are part of the Graduate Women of Science, Hawaii (GWISH) organization. She is a Teaching Assistant and a Research Assistant as she is taking her degree.

When we created our first website in the 1970’s and then more formally in 1983 when we moved to the US, I have always included a suggested reading list. Those of you who have subscribed to our quarterly newsletter will have noticed the last section is a recommended list of three or so books. I guess it has become a habit.

Recently we have come of age. We have completely updated our Suggested Reading List. With our ever-present IT Director, Ross Atkinson, keeping me in line he has created an extremely useful segment on our webpage for books. I used to call it A Reading List for Interested People. 

We have well over 250 books on the site. We used to categorize the books by our selections. Topical Authors, Teachers, General, etc. We still have the categorization, but Ross has created searchable access to our suggested reading list by book title, by author, by category or even ISDN number. 

As most of you know I am always reading. It is part of my job. Now with our updated approach to our reading list I am asking for your help and input. If you have read a book that you found particularly helpful either personally or professionally, please let me know. You can send me your suggestions at my email ron@learningwithoutscars.com or ron@learningwithoutscars.org.

I am also considering creating an online book club with interested people. Say a Zoom or Teams meeting once a month with perhaps as many as a dozen people who have all read the same book, getting together for an hour or so and talking about it. This is something else I would ask for your input. Please let me know. Is this a good idea, a bad idea, or an ugly idea?

One last thing. You can order the books you find directly from our website with either Amazon or AbeBooks. I use both extensively. I hope you enjoy our fresh look and approach. We are always interested in your feedback. It can be an email, a written paper, or a thumbs up (or down) as you see below.

The Time Is Now.

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