Socrates Says

A calmer point about education

Yesterday I went on a rant about education. After 24 hours I am somewhat calmer now but I would reference you to our website and under the articles tab please check August 2010 under Construction Equipment Digest. That was my take on education a number of years ago. “The notion that a four year […]

Market Share

If you had to choose between customer satisfaction and profitability, what would be your choice? I would take customer satisfaction as without satisfied customers the ability to make profit is going to have a short life.   How to measure customer satisfaction becomes the challenge. Some people define it as repeat business; others measure the […]

Rant of the Day

It is interesting watching two grown men argue about higher education. Santorum has called Obama a snob as he said that he wanted everyone to have a four year college education. The Obama backing off and saying he wanted more than just high school highlights a serious subject to consider. What should you do after […]

Selling Skills

Preparation is one of the keys to good selling skills. Of course that is common sense for most or at least it should be if you want to succeed at selling. Imagine not know the customer? Not knowing what they want and need. What they own and how to make their operations more effective. The […]

Lead Times in Inventory Management

With JIT (Just in Time) supply chains we really have come to a point where customer service is in jeopardy. The problem is our cavalier approach to the lead time component of order points. The lead time is the total elapsed time between when a part reaches the order point in the warehouse location and […]

Service Technicians

The complaints are still out there- “I can’t find any experienced equipment technicians.” Isn’t it obvious by now that anyone worth anything that has experience is going to be working already? If there is a technician available and they apply for work I am sure that you will give them a very thorough interview and […]