Selling Skills

Preparation is one of the keys to good selling skills. Of course that is common sense for most or at least it should be if you want to succeed at selling.

Imagine not know the customer? Not knowing what they want and need. What they own and how to make their operations more effective. The job is to reduce owning and operating costs while at the same time protecting the residual value of the capital good. This applies to everything – cars, boats, ovens and equipment.

Knowing who the customer is; their buying habits, personal attributes, their needs and wants, the relationship that they have with your company. These are critical factors. You should also know that they don’t purchase everything from you yet be sincerely interested in where they do buy if not from you and why. This is when you can bring your specialized selling skills to the interaction. Find out what it is they particularly like about that supplier and you will know what you have to do. Bring on the features and benefits and the value proposition. It is pretty simple if you pay attention and do your homework. The time is now…..