Service Statements v1.1

So having the complaint cause correction troika to deal with we must move to what the customer wants and needs a quotation. Last week we talked about the inspection programs necessary to determine what needs to be done to put a machine in proper working condition. We have obtained the complaint from the customer and determined the cause from the inspection. So on we go to a quotation. The customer wants to know how much it is going to cost before giving you any approval to go ahead with the repairs.

To create a quotation we first must “segment” the work that needs to be done. The segmentation approach needs to follow the structure of the job coding that you use in your business. The job code must address the component on which the work is to be done, the operation that is necessary to affect the repair and the sequence code which follows the steps to do the work. Have you got these job codes, (if you don’t then refer to the coding structure that is used by your supplier for warranty reimbursement)? That is a good starting point.

You will have the standard objections from your technicians. That time is no good. If that is the case in your dealership have the technicians involved in what the factors should be to apply to those times for your use. Once the system has been in use for a time then the times will be based on your actual work.

So we have job codes and standard job times. Now you can create a quotation for the customer. If there is work that the customer turns down, leave the details on the work order so that there is a record for you that you found a problem but the customer chose not to act on it. The quotation will be approved by the customer and then you can put the job into the job queue. The time is now.