Service Statements v1.3

A number of years ago a dealer for whom I have a high degree of respect initiated a special service for their service customers. They called it “Rapid Wrench.”

This was a service that was aimed at the non-technical mechanical work needed by the customer. Changing batteries or bucket teeth, those jobs that required a laborer but not necessarily a technician. They qualified the work buy the amount of time it would take to complete. If it was four hours or less than it qualified as a Rapid Wrench job.  This was also performed at a different labor rate, one that matched the degree of difficulty of the work to be done.

Most dealers, is discussed in earlier b logs, charge a “peanut butter “rate. They charge the same rate for highly skilled technicians and helpers, for diagnosticians and people removing and installing sheet metal. The same rate for these different functions and as would be expected the customer has chosen to give the easy work to someone other than the dealer at a lower price. This is partially what the Rapid Wrench service was aimed at proving to the customer, a good service from a qualified dealer employee at a fair price. I believe that this is a beginning of the solution of recapturing the service business from the competition. The time is now.