The 3rd Weekend of March

Can you believe it…. spring is here. It seems as if everyone has something to say about the weather this year. It has been extremely warm in the North East US and it has been very cold and blustery in Europe. The usual suspects are all lining up to indicate this is global warming. We have had a winter this year as cold as I can remember in the past twenty five years in the desert.  Someone will find a way to blame global warming for too much carbon dioxide being created by burning fossil fuels. Don’t tell me I am being cynical.

There was a terrific book published in 1997 called “The Sovereign Individual” – the subtitle is “How to survive and thrive during the collapse of the welfare state.” It is a rather prescient thesis. The point I would like to discuss is the purpose and history of government put forward by the two authors – James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Moog (you can see it on our website at under the Resources tab – Reading List). They suggest that government is in place to protect us – you and I – from dangers. It started with a knight when we moved from berries and meat to grains. When someone had a surplus of grains we had to store it and if your neighbor was less successful they would come and steal yours. So we hired a Knight with a big horse and a big sword and protected ourselves – this begat our need for governments. They have been making things up to protect us from some millennia now. Esoteric things like clean air and clean water and now carbon dioxide. Oh well.

The time is now.