Thought of the Day #12

In looking around the media and the education community and the unemployed in America these days I am astounded that the main stream media (MSM) are expounding on the needs that the current President has to get out the vote of the young as he did in 2008. I don’t think that is very smart.

The facts as I know them include the fact that over 54% of the graduates in 2012 do not have jobs. I look at new terms for the part time workers, the educated men and women who are working at jobs considerably below their skills sets. I don’t know why the current President would want that group of people to be voting in the same proportion as they did in 2008. Do they think they will continue to vote for the results that have been produced in job creation over the past three and a half years?

These people are smart, they have taken exams, and they know what good results look like and when they are not good. Who do you think they will vote for this time around? Hope and Change? Or Please Move Aside? This is not a good job on which you should have a do over is it? Clint Eastwood had it right when he said “when they don’t do the job you just got to let them go.”

Some facts to consider

  • Age 25 – 54   unemployment rate     7.1%
  • Age 18 – 25   unemployment rate   15.7%
  • The share of working age population that has a job in 2009 at the bottom of the recession was 58.2%
  • The share of working age population that has a job in September 2012 is 58.3% after the Obama jobs recovery.

This is not a record that the younger people will find comforting. They will not be voting for the current President. They have had about all they can stand of his hope and change. I am struck with the MSM and the wringing of their hands that the younger voters will not be turning out this election and that this will hurt the current President. Au contraire mes amis, if they vote in numbers they will in all likelihood be voting for Romney. And none too soon. The time is now.