Words of Wisdom #13

We need to revisit some critical personal attributes – integrity, faith, industry and cooperation. Simple things but few live up to the test.

  • Integrity – honesty and truthfulness.
  • Faith – confidence or trust.
  • Industry – producing economic goods or services
  • Cooperation – working or acting as a team

In many walks of life, if not the nation, too much is being contributed by too few. The argument should not be about how we can take from the “1%” to give to the rest it should be focused on how to increase the 1% to be 2%.

Once we start thinking that way we will lose some of the envy or jealousy in our society. Perhaps we will have people asking how each of them can contribute more. The first step is to give more thought to the individual. Slow down the drive to acquire things and speed up the drive to grow as a person.

The time is now.