Parts Upselling

In the busy world of a parts business it is easy to fall into the trap of it being a job that simply processes orders. We have to answer the phone, meet and greet customers at the counter, we answer technical questions, we provide quotations and we have to sell parts. When customers are ordering parts from the authorized equipment dealer they expect the dealer to be able to guide them to take away all of the parts that they need to get their equipment back on the job.

Of course, we have campaigns and promotions that keep thing interesting for the employee and there are special items all the time. The real need is to be able to ask the right questions to find out what the customer is doing with their machine. To ensure that they have the seals and gaskets, and all of the parts to perform the repair.

This requires that the employee have very good knowledge of the operations of equipment, as well as the features and benefits of the parts that are being sold. Finally, knowing your competition is the last requirement. This class covers it all.