That big area in your facility stuffed with parts can and should be a showcase for your dealership. A distribution center which has been designed and developed to be space effective, productive and safe is a wondrous thing. Not many equipment dealerships have such a warehouse, do they? A warehouse stores parts, and it requires that there are aisles for people and equipment to perform the order picking and receiving functions as well as the physical counts. It also has to have packing and shipping benches as well as staging areas for inbound and outbound shipments. Finally, there are the shipping and receiving docks.

This class will present warehouse theory from what the location nomenclature – the location identification, should consist of to the sizing principals to use in determining the storage space required. It will expose different picking methods and the appropriate storage media and material handling equipment for each. The metrics of picking and packing, storage efficiency, shipping and receiving, and dock handling will be developed.

The overall sizing theory of cubic and square foot requirements for each part number stored as well as systems to utilize that will tell you which location size should be used for which part, and how many of each of these location sizes are required helps with the designs and layouts of your warehouse in a manner that can be used by everyone.  This is a commonsense program exposes a little understood area in a dealership: the warehouse.

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