Basic Electrical Knowledge

It is an exciting time to have a career in the electrical field. Electrification is being reimagined and updated with the latest technologies to enhance the way we live, work and play. Continuing education can prepare you for diverse roles in the electrical industry while keeping you on top of technological advancements and safety standards. Plus, continuing education is essential to remaining relevant, competitive and effective in your career. Let our accredited online training courses help achieve your career ambitions in the electrical industry today!

This comprehensive skills assessment covers all of the topics and subject matter required in the course of performing electrical tasks. In assessing this position, we have taken all of the classes involved in the electrical business and created a job assessment questionnaire. We have taken the over 900 questions, from the pretest and final assessment, from all of the classes offered. We have taken all of these questions and boiled them down to one-hundred essential questions. Each question has an answer within a multiple-choice selection, true/false, and yes/no.

The results from the CSA, Comprehensive Skills Assessment, categorize the skills and knowledge of the individual being assessed, into one of our four levels of accomplishment: Developing, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.

These assessments can be used, in conjunction with background checks and interviews, to screen applicants before they are hired. They should also be used in the annual performance review with each employee. They can even be used as a foundation piece of information related to the wages and salaries paid to the employees. Finally, and this is the genesis of the creation of the comprehensive assessment skills, the assessment has been developed to be used to create a specific employee development program for each employee in electrical teams.