On Demand Assessment: ENROLL NOW!!

Repair and Maintenance Technician CSA

With the rapid changes and developments experienced in capital equipment over the past few decades we have reached the point where the skills and the knowledge of our technicians is the critical difference in developing and maintaining our relationships with our customers. This has included changes in machine design, computerization of componentry, telematics, and the use of exotic materials. Additionally, the technology within dealer management systems continues to progress at a rapid pace with VoIP, AI, and “smart” systems to name just a few.

The Repair and Maintenance Technician comprehensive skills assessment covers the four major areas of equipment: Engine, Drive Train, Hydraulics and Electrical. In creating this assessment, we have taken into consideration the major manufacturers. There will be other assessments created and available covering specialized equipment and attachments as well as specific Industries.

We have created thirty multiple-choice questions within each of the four categories above. The results from the Comprehensive Skills Assessment categorize the skills and knowledge of the individual being assessed into various levels of accomplishment: entry level, fundamental shop technician, advanced shop technician, advanced level field technician and professional field technician.

These assessments can be used, in conjunction with background checks and interviews, to screen applicants before they are hired. They should also be used in the annual performance review with each employee. They can even be used as a foundation piece of information related to the wages and salaries paid to the employees. Finally, and this is the genesis of the creation of the comprehensive skills assessment, these assessments have been developed to be used to create a specific technical training program for each employee in the repair and maintenance business.