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On Demand Assessment: ENROLL NOW!!

Duration: 90 Questions

Audience: Service Department Personnel

Service Customer Service CSA

The world has changed, equipment has changed, technology is everywhere and talented employees are hard to find and can be even harder to retain. We all know how critical employees are in developing and maintaining customer loyalty.

Employees also need to be constantly improving their skills in order to remain of service to their customers, co-workers and employers. With the hustle and bustle and nonstop action in the parts department it is very difficult for employees to keep up with their professional development.

We at Learning Without Scars have been asked to create assessments to provide each employee a complete, comprehensive and accurate reading of their specific abilities. In order to be able to evaluate the specifics within each aspect of the parts business we have designed multiple choice questionnaires of 90 key questions. With these assessments the aptitude, knowledge, experience and attitude of the employee relating to the five categories of the service business can be evaluated. The Service business is reviewed in this comprehensive skills assessment covering all aspects of “customer service” within the Service Department.

In conjunction with the specific job function assessment a very precise employee development program can be developed to allow each employee to enhance their job skills. This approach is even more powerful and helpful when used in conjunction with the employee performance review.

These five job category CSAs are used in our Skills Badge Program. We provide four levels of accomplishment badges: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The employees then will have the opportunity to have a job function assessment as well as each of the five job categories determine their performance potential. This gives everyone a clear picture of the skills and knowledge of each employee, not just their aptitude and attitude.