Welcome Hillsborough Students

Welcome to Learning Without Scars. We are pleased that you are interested in your personal and professional development, what we call Lifelong Learning. We are also very pleased that your school has agreed to become a Center of Excellence for all our learning products in your area.

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Our learning products are designed for current or future employees of manufacturers, wholesale distributors and their dealers, as well as independent businesses in the construction equipment, light industrial, on highway, engine, and agricultural industries. This training is aimed at improving dealer operations through qualified people that are knowledgeable in using operational metrics and current market and operational best practice methods. We offer 18+ Job Function Skills Assessments and more than 136+ individual classes in the areas of Parts, Service and Selling/Marketing. These courses and assessments cover the many job functions and leadership roles within the Capital Goods Industry, designed with the highest of standards and can be found under the Assessments and Education tabs above.

If you choose to enroll in one of our products, please ensure that you provide us complete and accurate information on who you are, where you work or go to school, what you job function is, your specific store location – city, the school site you came from, your email address and phone number, and any association you are affiliated with in your work.

You will then receive an email from Learning Without Scars shortly after you have enrolled. Please check your spam or junk files as the email might end up there. This email will provide you with the instructions to launch your course.

Beyond Assessments and Classes, we offer a number of complimentary resources from a wide variety of industry experts, what we call Thought Leaders.  We strongly encourage you to take advantage of additional resources which can be found under the Resources tab above.

Welcome aboard!

The Time is Now.