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Ryszard Chciuk spent the first half of his professional life working for Hydrobudowa-6 SA. At that time, it was one of the biggest construction companies in Poland. He was responsible for technical availability of all kinds of heavy construction machines and equipment, mobile cranes and trucks which were needed on projects like constructing long distance pipelines, subway stations, expressways, airfields, industrial buildings or pumped storage power plants. He was in charge of up to 440 people, including mechanics and field technicians, machine operators, truck drivers, procurement, warehouses, and administration.

In the period of 22 years, he learned how his colleagues, project managers, utilized machines and equipment and what they needed to complete their projects on time and within the budget. It gave him a solid foundation to undertake a commitment to create the best after-sales organization in Poland for his new employer, Volvo CE.

The core of his service management team comprised of several highly motivated people who shared his idea of service excellence. Together, they built a very successful service organization. Within 10 years, we multiplied the number of employees ten times, up to almost 150 people in 2013. We generated average service and parts sales growth 22% yearly. His team established new standards on the demanding, after-sales market.

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