Contributors – Sara Hanks

Sara Hanks launched her career 22 years ago as a mechanical engineer but shifted quickly into continuous improvement when I became a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Early on, she learned the value that could be extracted from data and the importance of digitally collecting that data. After several years in manufacturing, Sarah transitioned to leading programs and teams to do Digital Transformation. Eventually, she was promoted to the Senior Director of Data Analytics, leading a team of data scientists, gaining firsthand experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Currently, she is the Director of Continuous Improvement at Wabtec Corporation, a supplier in the Rail and Mining Equipment industries.

Sarah enjoys bringing joy into the workforce by solving a problem, creating user friendly digital products, or providing easy access to data. In 2020, she launched Leverage 4 Data to provide a platform to do all three – create a solution to digitize workflows with an intuitive user interface and accessible data.

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