Floyd Jerkins offers this specialized coaching service in a customized one-to-one relationship. It is an intensely personalized service designed to optimize personal and professional growth. He guides the executive to navigate and understand the best way to increase performance and approach highly complex decisions they encounter in life or business. A client receives a custom-designed learning pathway that is educational and motivational.

What sets Floyd apart from other coaching is that he is an accomplished senior executive in business development with more than forty years of consulting and training experience across a variety of industries. His knowledge of business optimization is a lifelong journey of coaching leaders and collaborating with individuals and small teams seeking guidance.

He founded and led a premier industry specific training and consulting company providing dealer development services from 1991 to 2015. Many of the programs he designed and delivered are still being offered today in the equipment industry. He and his team also produced educational events for OEM’s and trade associations across North America. His formal education and professional development are in organizational development, psychology, and sales and marketing. The combined business knowledge and life experiences are utilized to design methods for clients to achieve peak performance in their lives and businesses.