Insight has an Exciting Future

We are resurrecting the Insight brand with a new mission. Previously we provided “Twenty Group” services to small groups of dealers, twelve in our case, who had an interest in best practice approaches for their business. We operated many groups for over a decade and appreciated the opportunity to assist in their profitable development. Each group improved their Company net income a minimum of three percentage points and in some cases improved their net income performance by as much as ten points. It is a credit to their leadership that this happened.

We are now in the process of creating an evaluation tool for dealers in a new alliance with Foresight Intelligence, to build on our experiences within the “Twenty Group” framework and our Consulting practice over the past thirty five years.

Foresight Intelligence is our choice as a business partner in this venture.  They are experts in turning data into actionable information, which serves both as guideposts and drivers for effective change.  Foresight Intelligence have worked with many dealers and enabled them to view all their metrics in a single place, in visually appealing charts that are easy to understand and act upon.  Your metrics are easily benchmarked against the best and your improvements are continuously in front of you.   This panoramic and in depth visibility is critical in executing our proven strategies to increase performance and profitability.

Together we are building a business model which everyone can have access to and use either via R.J. Slee & Associates or Foresight Intelligence.

We will provide an input template for a participating Company to use, this will be for the dealer to submit their information, either openly or confidentially. That basic data entry will be processed through our “Financial Fitness Models” and the results will be presented to the dealer on line. The key will be a graphic presentation of the dealer position relative to key metrics by department, which we use in our business at R.J. Slee & Associates. This will be the foundation for the “Financial Fitness Model.” This will allow the dealer to evaluate their individual performance against minimum acceptable performance criteria developed through our work with over one thousand dealers worldwide.

The dealer then is welcome to proceed and determine how to improve their operations as they see fit or they can use the services we will provide to assist in those efforts. We are developing a menu of options for the dealer to select from should they desire out assistance. This will range from “Typical Improvement Options (TIPS)” through to comprehensive consulting engagements with “Associated Content Experts (ACE’s).” We are currently building a network of Industry Experts who have retired and wish to be able to share their expertise with dealers.

We are extremely excited about this venture and our relationship with Foresight Intelligence. We will be making more comprehensive announcements as our products are finalized and ready for dealers everywhere to utilize.

The time is now.