Parts Pondering 2.2

It is intriguing watching dealers’ worldwide continue to do what they have always done. Why do we assume we know what we are doing when their market capture rate for the parts business is typically less than a third? More importantly many of the dealers have half or more of their parts business coming via their mechanics. It is intriguing.

While that is the definition of insanity it is also a sign that we still are not engaged in trying to satisfy our customer needs for parts. We let more than two thirds of the parts market fend for themselves and do the sourcing and buying of their parts needs wherever they think is appropriate. Why do we do this?

Perhaps because it is too difficult to do it any other way; We have to know our customers, we have to know their buying habits, we have to know our competitors, we have to know how to sell and what to sell. All of that is a lot of work. We will explore this more in coming months.

The time is now.