Parts Pondering v2.1

I will assume that you have the correct number of skilled people in your parts department, now we need to look into what it is that they do. This is about much more than the parts order processing factory isn’t it? It is about more than answering telephones and greeting customers who come into your store. It is more than managing the instore merchandising displays. It is much more than inventory management and warehousing. Isn’t it?

It is about selling too I think. Don’t you? So how well trained are your parts personnel on selling? Do they have selling skills? Have they had sales skills training? Do you have product knowledge? How well versed are they on your competition? How well do they overcome objections? Can they close a deal? I hope so as it is in their hands that your success will come.

Many dealers know and give lip service to training. Don’t fall for that. Or said more bluntly don’t go there. You need to have monthly meetings with your parts personnel. You need to review product knowledge, review processes and talk about matters of interest at the moment. You need to do this regularly. Do you?

Oh I know it is work. It is supposed to be which is why work is a four letter word.

Have your supplier’s representatives attend the meetings. Go further and have them contribute to it either with news or a training session. Organize the meeting so that it is never longer than ninety minutes. The employees need to have a clear understanding about the commitment they are making and not have you run over all the time. This will build a team of talented people who will understand that you are making and investment in their future and they will contribute to your future as well. The time is now.