Points to Ponder

This will become a regular feature of our blog. The points to ponder will be irregular in timing but they will be here often. Let’s start it off with some very pertinent questions.

In any classroom sessions I am involved with I ask for some simple definitions.

  • What is the definition of ignorance?
  • What is the definition of stupidity?
  • What is the definition of insanity?

Three simple questions and most people eventually can figure it out for themselves. Of course I want that to happen as it is much more memorable if you come up with the answer by yourselves.

Do you know the answers?

Yes of course….

  • Ignorance is not knowing what to do.
  • Stupidity is knowing what to do and not doing it.
  • Insanity is continuing to do what you have always done expecting different results.

I am sure you all got the right answer – didn’t you. The time is now.