Points to Ponder v1.0

When I was a little person we had an elder from the church that we went to by the name of Tony Doxsey. He took an interest in my family and was a wonderful man. He was sophisticated, incredibly well-mannered and an entrepreneur. He owned and operated an Interior Decorating/Design business. So you can imagine the impeccable taste he must have had.

He used to tell me all kinds of things – little words of wisdom. One year he gave me a little pamphlet called “The Ten Commandments of Business.” I would like to share just one of them with you today.

“Be happy in your work…or…. work and be happy. You have no choice you MUST work.

I have remembered that for over fifty years now and it has become a habit. I feel good when I work hard and it makes me happy. And I am truly blessed because I am happy in my work. I hope the same is true for you. The time is now.