Making Education Relevant

Making Education Relevant

Sebastian Thrun viewed by many as the father on internet-based learning notes that only 10% of the online students actually complete the classes when they are free. So now he charges for his courses.

Although the results on completion are much better when the students have to pay something, I believe that it misses the point.

How do we get each individual in the world we live in today to want to invest in themselves, to invest their time, in making themselves better? How do we get people to want to spend time on their own professional and personal growth?

We are moving rapidly to, what I call a “Self-Led” world. It is conceivable that with AI and all of the advances with technology that 50% of the population will not have any work to do. We will need to be “Self-Led” internally motivated if we want to be able to have some sort of societal contribution.

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