The 2nd Weekend of March

Well here we are – the second weekend in March – spring forward time. The clocks go forward one hour Saturday night – just what we all need – one less hour of sleep. Oh well.

The week was a good one. The only exception was a trip in which the winds of spring interrupted a nice schedule. The airline industry is becoming like the bus industry. I still remember my first business flight. It was on a DC9 which American Airlines continues to use as the MD80. I sat in the bar in Montreal watching take offs and landings where it looked like the tail of the airplane was going to bottom out on the runway. That was quite a trip through O’Hare. Customs for the first time and was I ever green.

Well there is a lot to do over the weekend and plenty of work to get done too.  I hope you enjoy. Share quality time with family and friends.

The time is now.