The answer to the question is….

The question that most of you thought of when during the afternoon discussion between the supervisor and the technician the technician says he is not going to finish all the work that you gave him to do today is “why not.” That is not the right question. You are all thinking like production managers from the old school.

The question that I believe is right is “how much longer will it take to complete the work?”

Once we have the length of time required we can ask the next most important question “can you stay.”

We have established that the technician will miss the standard time for the job – that might be #1 (remember) now if they can’t or won’t stay to make it right – that might be #2 all in one event.

If they can’t stay then the labor efficiency will drop precipitously as the following morning when he starts up on that job again he will have to take between thirty minutes and an hour to get to the point where he was when he left last night. That is either a 6.25% drop in labor efficiency or a 12.5% drop. Neither one is good.

If the technician can stay you will eat a little overtime but your schedule is intact and the completion date for the work is still in line. The time is now.