The New Reality – Part Deux

The juxtaposition of the last two blogs is intriguing. I couldn’t ignore it. I have received a lot of flak about my pronouncement of the New Reality. People suggested that I need to be more careful in how I communicated things. That it could be dangerous, I might frighten some people.

Remember Jeff Bezos – social cohesion at the expense of the truth.

I don’t think anything will get better if we ignore it. I had a wonderful teacher in Grade 8 for geometry. My majors at University were Mathematics and Physics so I rather enjoy arithmetic. But I was stubborn as heck and had a hard time with Geometry. Why??  – Because I refused to memorize the theorems. Sound familiar to any of you? Well I had a special grandmother who I call “Granny the Great” who got her Master’s degree in the 1910’s – a truly amazing woman. She got me in line and by the end of the year I was near the top of the class. I learned to memorize things. Well this teacher told me that it wasn’t going to get any better if I kept putting it off. It was going to get worse. Of course she was right.

Lou Holtz says it well.

  • You have to do your best.
  • You have to do what’s right
  • You have to honor the Golden Rule

I want to add a corollary to this list. You have to know what to do and how to do it. So there is another chapter on the New Reality. Nothing will change until we change. The time is now.