Generational Changes

Some time back I looked around a room I was in and noticed that I was no longer the youngest person in the room. Of I course I still felt like the youngest in the room. But think back to when you started your first job. What did you think of the older people around you? Were they to be respected for their age and knowledge? Did you look at them wondering why they did things that particular way? Do you remember working with your father and how he was always telling you how to do things?

I think we in North America have a perverse method of teaching people at an early age. We teach them to be obedient. Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with obedience and manners. In fact I quite like them both. I do want to take issue with the fact that we are creating robots to some degree. We don’t teach people well enough to be critical thinkers. We don’t teach them to think on their own. And when they do think on their own we label them something – rebels, trouble makers and other names.

I think we need to embrace the younger generation in a more positive manner. Every younger generation gets a bad rap including the current crop of kids (maybe I shouldn’t call them kids). Imagine. They are better educated. They have more computer skills than were dreamt of when I was entering the work force. The attribute that I like the most is that they are not as patient as we were. They won’t put up with the nonsense that some of us endured. Are you ready to listen to what they have to say? Can you imagine that they might have a better way to do something? I get excited when someone asks the question “why do you do it that way?” I want to know what they mean, what they are thinking. There is always the possibility to do things better. You have to embrace these changes as never before. The time is now.