Training Tidbit #6

It has become clear recently that I will be continuing in the training business for some time to come so we are once more asking for your input and help on what additional learning subjects you want us to deal with in the coming years.

What additional subjects would you like us to deal with in webinars? What additional subjects would you like us to deal with in our classroom courses? You can view all our webinar and classroom course offerings at our website under the learning tab.

We are also considering offering our Parts & Service Selling class and the Parts & Service Marketing class in 2014. Please let us know if you have interest in either or both of these classes. We are thinking about doing them in Chicago in June.

In 2014 we will introduce the internet based self-study program which will complement all of our learning offerings. We will have a four parts series on parts and a four part series on service. Look for updates on these programs in the months to come.

Each of our learning programs builds on each other. The webinars build toward the classroom. The internet programs broaden the base and build on both the classroom and webinar programs.

You will be able to see the 2014 program dates and locations on our website shortly. Thanks to all of you who have attended one or more of our programs we do appreciate you participation and support. We have been offering learning programs since the early 1990’s and have had several thousand people go through these classes all around the world. We have operate training programs in Europe, Russia, The Middle East, Asia, Latin America and North America.  We will continue with these learning programs worldwide wherever there is a need. Thanks again.

I also wanted to give you a heads up about the upcoming December webinars I hope you can find the time to attend these content filled sessions.

December 2013 Webinar Schedule.

  • The Parts Department
  • December 3rd
  •                              Instore Merchandising
  •                              Expediting and Purchasing
  • December 4th
  •                              Best Practices
  •                              Standards of Performance
  • The Service Department
  • December 10th
  •                                           Labor Efficiency
  •                              Flat Rating/Standard Jobs
  • December 11th
  •                              Shop Floor Scheduling
  •                              Standards of Performance

To register go to and enter at the AED Seminars and you will find all of the webinars under Product Support.

The time is now.