A Customer Service Tool

VoIP – voice over internet protocol. What a name. Well what it does is quite remarkable. This is where your computer drives your phone system. A call comes into your Company and the computer directs the call to the appropriate extension while at the same time it paints your computer screen with the pertinent information from your name and address on the customer. Not only that, it can delivery almost whatever information you want.

“Hello Dave, how are you? Wow, we haven’t spoken since last October, where have you been?”

“Hi Dave, congratulations on your anniversary, how many years has it been?”

“Dave I have been meaning to call you, congratulations on your recent purchase of our “xx” machine.”

I am sure you can imagine various pieces of information that you would like to have displayed before picking up the telephone. There is a machine in the shop, or there is backorder outstanding – pretty critical information that would help you in your discussion with the customer.This is similar to the “Vonage” service that runs through your cable. Contact your dealer business system provider or your telephone system provider and ask what is necessary for you to obtain this type of tool. It will give you a terrific tool for customer service. The time is now.