Books in the Bin

Hi I will be writing a seeries of books in the coming years on subjects near and dear to my heart.

Several of you have commented that books would be more of interest than a monetized blog.


  1. instore selling
  2. inventory management
  3. warehouse layouts and design
  4. backorder analysis
  5. pricing as a marketing tool
  6. purchasing
  7. metrics and dashboards
  8. instore merchanidising
  9. call centers
  10. the internet as a tool for a parts department
  11. teleselling
  12. technology as a process foundation



  1. shop floor management
  2. field service
  3. flat rate systems
  4. service administration
  5. job flow and scheduling
  6. the internet as a tool for a service department
  7. inspection programs
  8. maintenenace programs
  9. service sales programs
  10. pricing and standard charges
  11. metrics and dashboards
  12. technology as a process foundation


Product Support Selling

  1. parts and service Selling is a science not an art
  2. territory management
  3. territory theory and design
  4. commission and compensation systems
  5. customer business management for parts and service



  1. business development for parts and service
  2. market segmentation
  3. customer retention



  1. the balanced scorecard as a management tool
  2. activity-based management for parts and service
  3. personnel leadership