Has Anyone Been Thanked Too Much?

Has Anyone Been Thanked Too Much?

This week, guest writer Ross Atkinson brings up an excellent question about gratitude and the ways in which we interact with others: Has Anyone Been Thanked Too Much?

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Why is it so difficult for people to say these two words? This is one of many phrases that someone can use to express their gratitude and make the customer feel appreciated.  This can be the difference between them doing future business with you or not.

“Thank you for your business.  Appreciate you!”

With such an important phrase at one’s disposal, why don’t we hear it said more?

Since retiring, one of my main focuses has been leading a local trails organization.  We maintain ~40 kilometers or 25 miles of trails and rely on volunteers to get all the work accomplished.  These are people who give freely of their time and ask nothing in return.  Having accumulated more the 3,000 volunteer hours in the last 5 years, I have said “thank you” a lot.  Without them and their unselfish act of kindness, we would not exist.

In your business, without your customers, you wouldn’t exist either.  The customer came to you with an expectation that you could meet their needs.  You too have an expectation that the customer should be willing to trust you to take care of their needs and ultimately relinquish their hard-earned money to get what they are looking for.  And, of course, the expectation is that you will do this in the most professional manner and with the skill of a well-trained, seasoned veteran. 

So why is it so difficult to finish the “transaction” by saying those two words?  And say it with the sincerity that lets them know their business is greatly appreciated and that you are here to help them with their future needs?

As in John Andersen’s recent blog “How is your customer service….Meh?”, a simple phrase like “Come back again soon.” and leaving a ‘gesture of appreciation’ has a lasting impression and is a wonderful way of saying thank you and showing that you care.

Wouldn’t you like to receive this kind of appreciation? And when you make that follow up call to ensure that everything worked out okay, thank your customer again and make sure to ask if there is anything that you can do next time to make their experience better.

When you get comfortable saying this to your customers, try it with your employees and coworkers.  You might be surprised at what will come of it.

Thank you!

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