The Learning of Tomorrow Is Available Today

The Learning of Tomorrow Is Available Today

At Learning Without Scars we are on the leading edge of internet-based employee development. We have developed Industry specific programs within the capital Goods Industries. We are following in the footsteps of the Khan academy, learning for elementary, middle school and high school students, and Udacity, a more recent platform for University learning specific to the technology Industry.

We develop our programs from a subject specific beginning. Each of our programs follows a similar path. A pre-test, the learning program and a final assessment.

Using In-depth personnel assessments help business identify the specific skill level and knowledge of each employee which also allows them to develop on a timeline of their choosing. These assessments present twenty multi-choice questions. This allows the employer to place each employee along one of our many learning paths. The results help you identify potential top performers in key areas of sales, finance, operations and leadership. Employers can leverage this knowledge to transform their company, ensure specific competitive advantages and in the end to realize significant sales and profit growth. Each of our video programs contains slide content, audio tracks matched to the slide and we insert film clips during the programs to break up the learning and provide emphasis on specific aspects of each program.

Learning is becoming more of a life long program with tools such as these. No longer does an employee have to attend a school at night or weekends, they simply sit in front of their computer. There is no shame in the learning process. Often in classrooms students don’t ask questions when they don’t understand a specific topic. In the online world there is no embarrassment in asking questions, as many times as the student desires. The important truth is that each student wants to learn, they want to understand the content and in the online world it is easier for them to accomplish.

Each program is assigned a badge. There are four categories of badges; sales, finance, leadership and operations. As the student’s progress through the various programs they accumulate badges. This accumulation leads to higher levels of skills and knowledge and this is recognized with a learning status; platinum, gold, silver and bronze. Each student then is recognized for their specific knowledge across the four disciplines. Those disciplines cross the parts business, the service business, parts and service selling and parts and service marketing. Each employer can see the status of each employee. They will have a much better understanding about what the student knows before hiring or in the annual performance review.

This is the learning platform of tomorrow. However, it is currently available at Learning Without Scars. So what is holding YOU back?

The Time is NOW.