Market Capture Rates

Some of you have equated the labor efficiency blog with the actual market capture rate of labor. They are two very different elements in the business. One measures the performance of the supervision of the labor pool and the efficiency of a particular technician on a specific job or group of work orders. The other measures how much of the available market the dealer in question has actually obtained and maintained.

The market capture rate is dependent on maintaining an accurate and up to date machine population and the hours of work for each of the machines in the dealer territory. With the arrival of GPS on most current production machines this is becoming easier to maintain and to track. Older machines, however, still outnumber new machines in most geographical jurisdictions and as such this remains an elusive goal.

If we have an accurate machine population as well as the hours of work for each machine then we can calculate the market potential for both parts and service. This is an important step in the maturation of the parts and service management as we will be able to determine the successes of each of the store locations in a territory. We will then need to become much more professional and effective in our processes, systems and skills when we deliver customer service. The Manufacturers and your bosses will be able to measure objectively how well we do our jobs. I think that will bring a lot more attention to the skills and execution of the management and supervision in parts and service. The time is now.