Parts Management: The Return of the Webinars

It’s that time of year again.  Our Parts Management Webinars return next week, beginning on Tuesday, September 15.

What is Parts Management?  What are the key management areas in which we can increase our profitability?  How can we implement systems and training to make more money?

Be sure to join us for a refresher, or few new training, to get this unique, interactive, conference style training geared at profitability, productivity, and systems within the Parts Department at your Dealership.

For a complete description of each webinar, and to register, please visit our Parts Management Webinars page on our website.

Fall brings with it the return of our training offerings, and the opportunity to continue to develop in your pursuit of excellence.

The time is now.

Parts Management – Delivery Systems

Parts Management – Delivery Systems

In the parts business we communicate with the marketplace in a variety of methods. With the telephone, with people walking into your store, some customers will send orders by mail, or via a fax, and some use the internet. But the variations of the work don’t stop there: we also have to contend with a variety of “delivery” systems as well. These are not transportation systems. This is a customer service delivery system.

We process sales orders for our customers and we all know that not all customers are created equal. Some customers spend a lot of money with you and deserve to get special treatment. Well, we also have some processes that are cost intensive but also some that are very efficient. These are the customer service delivery systems.

From the customer who does not know the part numbers that they need, to the customer that can order parts from an electronic catalogue on the internet, there are wide ranges of differences. Each of the delivery systems has a different cost component, and that can lead us to provide differentiated services dependent on the delivery system that is chosen by the customer. We explore all aspects of the delivery systems we offer to the market in this important webinar.


Parts Management – Basic Finance

Parts Management – Basic Finance

Before we can be of any value to anyone else we have to be of value to ourselves. That is an old adage, but it still rings true. Ignorance is not knowing what to do. How can we know what to do if we don’t understand basic finance?

Here we will expose and explain all aspects of the operating statement, the balance sheet, and the cash flow forecast. These are the three major documents in the world of finance. We will define and describe all of the terms that accountants use. There will be no mystery to basic finance when we are finished. We will explain cost of sales and what it consists of, as well as all of the various expense elements. Personnel Expenses, Operating Expenses, and Fixed Expenses are discussed so that everyone will be able to understand and accept how and why money is spent and how we make it.

The fundamentals of basic finance have been a mystery for too many people for far too long. This webinar gets past that so that the employees in a parts business will understand the effect of each of their decisions.

Learn How To Make It Matter!

On Tuesday, 5/12/2015, we are presenting our two “Make It Matter” webinars.

At 9:00 a.m. PST we have PTS-WE-U13: our Parts Management – Make It Matter program.

At 11:00 a.m. PST we have SER-WE-U13: our Service Management – Make It Matter program.

These webinars address the two most important questions we must answer in our Capital Goods Business: What do you provide?  What do you do?  The answers are not as simple as they appear to be.  Everything we do has a profound impact on our customers, suppliers, coworkers, and other stakeholders.  This webinar will present information on how to differentiate yourself within your business, and for your customers.

In other news, we have just released our second Self-Study program, this time for Service Management.  Please learn more about these programs under the Self-Study tab on our website.  The Foundation is now available for both Parts Management and Service Management.

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Buyer’s Needs – PTS-WE-U12

Buyer’s Needs – PTS-WE-U12 

A new reality continues in its approach.  By now everyone has been affected by “telemarketing,” your tele-selling future has gotten off to a successful start, and you have also learned how to handle the objections from the customers. You know all of the mechanics of selling. Now we need to make it easier for you by exposing the “buyer’s needs.”

The needs that the customer has in this transaction can stem from “ego satisfaction,” in other words knowing that they are making the right choice, to feeling that they are treated with respect. The sales person has to be sensitive to all of these various attributes and reasons which can underlie the buyer’s needs. But your customers also need your expertise and knowledge and experience. You are in a difficult position. In order to be able to satisfy the needs of the customer, you have to continue to keep yourself current on the product and Industry trends and competition. There is a lot to do.

This webinar deals with survey information obtained from the customers. If they are given a chance, customers will tell us what they need and want, and we then have to be in a position to deliver it.

Don’t miss out on this learning opportunity.

The time is now.

Basic Management – PTS-WE-U11and SER-WE-U11

Basic Management – PTS-WE-U11 and Basic Management – SER-WE-U11

There are some fundamental truths about people and their work: everyone wants to do a good job, everyone can do more than they think they can, and everyone is fundamentally lazy. In management and leadership we have to deal with people and processes. That is the job. You lead people and you manage the process.

The job of the manager or supervisor starts with the basic job function description and moves on to standards of performance. Everyone has to understand what is expected of them, as well as accepting that what is expected of them is both achievable and important. The various aspects of management as exposed in this power webinar.

In dealing with people, you also will need to be able to communicate with the employees.  In this webinar, we explore two of the main forms of communications: praise and criticism. This part of interpersonal relations can be learned. These are skills that can be learned by following a simple plan. We discuss this plan in detail, which has many common elements with both praise and criticism to provide you with better ability in working with your employees.

These webinars are geared towards the management and supervision of the Parts Department and the Service Department (respectively) of the Capital Goods Dealership.  Each one hour program offers the fundamentals of leadership, tailored for each department.

Please join us for this exciting learning opportunity.

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Overcoming Objections – PTS-WE-U09

Overcoming Objections – PTS-WE-U09

The sales process is complicated. Determining the right customers to call on the telephone is not easy. But all of that work is undermined if the individual on the telephone with the customer does not know how to handle the objections that the customer might present.

How these objections are handled can make the difference between a sales success and a failure. This webinar deals with the methods to employ: the “how to” of overcoming objections. In the sales process typically you are looking for an order or at least a positive outcome of the sales call. In order to achieve that outcome, it has to be understood that the customer has to learn about what it is that you are selling. In many cases, an objection is simply an indication that customer does not have enough information yet to make an informed decision.

From keeping your cool, to making the objection specific, and providing compensating factors, everything about the “how to” overcome an objection is exposed.  If you no longer want to run the risk of losing a sale, you can’t miss this one!

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Parts Management Training

Our Parts Management training series begins March 9th, 2015 in Dallas, Texas.  This is a 3 course series, beginning with “What it looks like when it’s right.”

This course is ideal for Parts Leads, Instore Sales Leads, Supervisors, Managers, Executives.

Attendees will learn:

  • The Principles of Management
  • Introduction to Finance and Accounting for Parts Personnel
  • The Operational and Process Foundation
  • Customer Service Excellence

Please be sure to register for this first part of the Parts Management Training Series.

Parts Management – Purchasing & Expediting

The part you DON’T have in stock is what sets you apart from the competition.

This Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. PST, Learning Without Scars will be presenting a one hour webinar on Purchasing & Expediting for your parts business.

  • learn about expediting with a purpose
  • Rule #1: before going home, every part must be either supplied or located to be supplied to the customer
  • Purchasing – what to do when your supply chain doesn’t have the part you need

This webinar will give a fresh perspective, and fresh methods, for providing parts to customers and mechanics on the same day they need them.  These solutions will make your Parts Business stand above the rest in your field.

Before you go home every night, remember Rule #1.

To register for this webinar, please follow the link:

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Parts Management – Instore Merchandising

How can we create a successful and interesting retail store in our Parts Businesses?

Next week, on December 2, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. PST you can find out in a one hour webinar from Learning Without Scars.

You will learn:

– how our walk-in business has changed over the years

– other examples of successful merchandising from companies like Harley Davidson, Ski Doo, and Arctic Cat

– what an appealing layout looks like

– how to keep your retail area fresh and vital

– how to increase revenues through the instore merchandise available to walk-in customers

Our retail space is an often overlooked area in our Parts Businesses.  By merchandising our brand, we can drive traffic back into the Parts Business, and improve our visibility among our customer base while expanding that base.

Please sign up to join us for this informative session by using the following link:


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