The vagaries of travel

One of the truly remarkable things that has happened through my work life has been the availability of air travel. It is not as if airplanes were just invented and brought to the market but it is the availability of flights to almost everywhere you want to go and at a price that would once seem stupid low.

That having been said to some degree air travel has become a victim of “an industry.” We have many competing influences. The employer, the employee, the governments, shareholders and oh I nearly forget the customer. Yes there is that pesky little customer.

I spent most of the day flying across the country and through a connection in Chicago. Wonderful experience that is you know. A little wind and the place basically shuts down. It really is a shame to see a once proud airport, the one with the most take offs and landings of any airport in the world brought to its knees. I m not sure there is anyone to blame as there is more than enough blame to go around. What I do know is that the Customer is that last one of the stakeholders that anyone seems to care about in the chain of influencers. I feel much more like a victim than a respected customer. Am I alone? I certainly doubt it.

I use this metaphorically as well as literally as an entry point to the world of customer service. Customer service in America has gotten so bad that customers have stopped complaining. What do your employees do to make your customers feel special? In this world of service dominant marketing it is important that each customer touch be memorable. How do your customers respond to you?  It is all about how your employees, your heroes, perform with your customers? The time is now.