Points to Ponder v1.1

One of the advantages there is to travel is the ability to have time to read. In my cross country voyage yesterday I had a good chance to catch up on some of my late reading. One point came out that I really enjoyed.

“Social Cohesion at the risk of Truth” this is a quote from Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame.

I think it is amazing in its clarity. Ignoring the world around you, not implementing changes necessary, risks the truth. For some time, in my consulting life, there has is a constant. People are anxious, nervous, or just downright stubborn, when it comes to making the changes necessary. These changes might be required to improve customer service. They might be necessary to “save” the Company financially. They might be necessary for a whole host of solid rational sound reasons. Yet they are often approached with less than an excited mien. The status quo is much safer. This social cohesion – the comfort of everyone involved in many cases outweighs the needs to make change. The time is now.